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Article Title : Syrian Crisis and Upgrading Iran-Russia Relations to Strategic Partnership

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Journal Number : 26 Summer 2017

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1 سیدحسن میرفخرائی Associate Professor PhD


Syrian crisis could be perceived as the most important international crisis in the recent decade. Despite its extensively varied regional and international ramifications and repercussions, this crisis has changed Iran-Russia cooperation patterns in a more evident manner. Prior to the outbreak of crisis in Syria, Iran and Russia had limited, traditional cooperation at different junctures in Afghanistan, Tajikistan civil war and some regional issues in the Central Asia and the Caucasus. However, the new edition of Iran-Russia relations in Syria exhibits a new level of bilateral relations. As such, new Iran-Russia bilateral ties could be assessed within the framework of strategic partnership. Iran-Russia strategic partnership pattern has emerged in line with the three essential criteria of environmental uncertainty (popular uprisings in the Middle East), strategic fit (compatibility and complementarity of Iranian and Russian interests and resources) and the System principle (opposition to the US new hegemonic order and exercising efforts to institute a desired order in the Middle East). Compared to traditional patterns such as strategic alliance, thematicity and low commitment costs of the new pattern have encouraged Tehran and Moscow to pick it up. This paper attempts to answer this question: what mechanism underlies the development of Iran-Russia relations since the outbreak of Syrian crisis?