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Article Title : Iranian Narrative of Reasons in Tehran-Riyadh Tension Escalation

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Journal Number : 26 Summer 2017

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1 Ali Omidi Associate Professor PhD
2 Zahra Aghamohammadi Post Graduate Student PhD


The relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia have always been based on tension, political misunderstandings and on some occasions, a kind of limited détente. At present (early 2019) most researchers employ the term “cold war” to describe the nature of this relationship. This situation has deteriorated after the Syrian crisis (since 2011), the reign of King Salman and his son, especially when Donald Trump arrived in White House. This paper, by using the neoclassical realism theory, seeks to explain the question of what represent the leading causes of Tehran-Riyadh hostility from Iranian viewpoint and what prospects can be drawn for it. The findings suggest that the causes of this hostility can be analyzed at the domestic, regional and transnational levels. As long as Riyadh perceives Iran as a threat to its survival, Trump and Mohammed bin Salman remain in power, Riyadh's internal concerns stay in place, and no strategic shifting happen from Saudi side (for example, alliance with Russia), the tension in Tehran-Riyadh relations will continue. The method used by the authors in this research is descriptive-analytic, and it is more focused on how Tehran interprets the deep reasons for this hostility.