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Article Title : Common Strategic Interests or the Israeli Lobby?

Journal Number : 21 Spring 2015

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1 Mohammad Reza Takhshid - -
2 Ali Akbar Jafari Associate Professor -


The role of Jewish lobbies in US decision-making processes is one of the disputable issues in international relations, which has drawn attention of the politicians, researchers and students. The present paper examines the functions of Jewish lobbies in US decisions-making structure as well as effective factors involved in it. Based on heuristic statistics presented in the current paper, and relying on empirical facts and employing quasi laboratory method, it will be argued that reducing the influence of Jewish lobby to the executive structure of US and exclusive alliance between Washington-Tel Aviv is an incomplete reality. Rather, ‘Common Strategic Interests’ could help to better understand this relationship which puts the US national interests as pivotal element. Therefore, the main significance of Jewish lobby can be more assessed in domestic policy of America.